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Dis-Allowing Images access to  web crawler in ASP.NET MVC

Introduction: This article is intended as a knowledge sharing purpose here I am trying to solve a problem which I faced in my MVC web application (This implementation can be done with any ASP.NET Technologies).

Problem Statement: We have a public facing website, as you may be aware of web crawler’s if not i.e.  A program or script which scans the www, for the purpose of web indexing or extracting email contents from the website for spamming purpose. So web crawler indexes our pages and media folders. We can restrict the indexing of media folder by disallowing the folder in Robot.txt file. This article is solely for restricting the web crawler to index the media folder content using c#. Continue reading “Dis-Allowing Images access to  web crawler in ASP.NET MVC”

A5-Security Misconfiguration Attack/ Missing Secure Attribute in Encrypted Session (SSL) Cookie

Missing Secure Attribute in  Encrypted Session (SSL) Cookie.
Secure flag is not set for the all cookies through-out the application
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Learn creating and running MS Unit in 7 days

Figure 1:
Developer-Tester conversation.

Introduction: As the title specifies “Learn MS Unit in 7 days” I will be learning and going deep down in executing unit test and writing article for the same, the intended focus is towards beginners so that they can easily grasp the Unit testing concepts and be ready test their application before deploying QA. So let’s get started with Day 1. In case you feel I have left the very important topic feel free to comment and any corrective measures and implementation are most welcomed. I will be using VS 2015 and C# programming language as for writing the programs.
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